US To Support Nigerian Naval Operations Channels Television Updated September 9, 2017


This support was disclosed during a meeting between the naval authorities of Nigeria and United State’s Navy, recently in Nigeria.

The aim to join forced with Nigeria to fight the threats in the Gulf of Guinea affecting the fragile recovery of Nigeria’s economy.

The United States Navy Commander of the Africa and Europe Command, Admiral Michele Howard, speaking about America’s intention to assist in protecting Nigeria’s future said, “we seek to strengthen our relationship and assisting you in protecting Nigeria’s future and economic security and enhancing regional stability.

Apart from support to strengthen Nigeria’s economic security, the US naval officials also gave strategic advice and other logistical support to bolster the effectiveness of the Nigerian military.

Nigeria’s Chief of Naval Staff, Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas said the support span acroos various areas of naval operations including “the areas of training, logistical support, as well as the assets we use for our patrols and the surveillance systems.”