Game of thrones Season 8, Episode 5: Daenerys, the mad queen or a scorned woman?


Game of thrones is a patriarchal show, but thats okay. Its set in the old world where men were seen as authorities and women, forever seen as subordinate – however successful they were.

It’s both a function of the system and beliefs of the time. Daenerys is both a victim of her birth and decisions. But more importantly, while she might be lashing out irrationally as is peculiar to her forebears – most importantly her father, The Mad King, there is an unfairness to Daenerys’ story.

First, we can bicker over the watered down quality of Game of Thrones in its penultimate season, but we must realize it’s a scripted happening at its climax, thus certain weaknesses were inevitable. There was no way the show was going to satisfy us – it’s an age of conversation.

We should also understand that it’s the unification of multiple story arcs into one.