Again, Fayose Asks Buhari To Resign


The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr Ayodele Fayose, has again asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign, alleging that the President is on life support.

“Dear Nigerians, even though President Buhari needs our prayers and we should keep praying that God takes total control of his situation, it is equally imperative that our leaders must tell us the truth at all times,” the governor said in news conference today.

“It is time that the President takes the interests of Nigerians above his own and resign from office so that our country can move forward. The fate of Nigeria and its people must not remain in the hands of the Presidency cabal, our country must be set free.”

President Muhammadu Buhari had travelled to the United Kingdom on May 7 for a medical follow-up after spending close to two months there earlier in the year for medical reasons.

But seven weeks after, Governor Fayose said the Presidency has not been honest with Nigerians about President Buhari’s health.

He told journalists that 53 days after the President left the country, no official information has been made available about his state of health or whereabouts.

Contrary to comments made by government officials and the President’s wife, the governor said available and verifiable facts he got from London and within the President’s party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) – particularly from those serving in Buhari’s government, confirmed that the president’s health status has worsened and could only be revived through divine intervention and prayers of Nigerians.

He said, “Like every other Nigerian, I do not wish the president dead. I have therefore maintained dignified silence since we were told that the President embarked on his second medical trip abroad this year.

“However, the recorded audio message which was released by the Presidency as the President’s Ramadan message to Nigerians necessitated my setting the records straight today. No doubt, the audio message was only a damage-control strategy aimed at further deceiving Nigerians.”

The governor, who had called on the President to resign on May 30 for failing to prevent and end the economic crisis in the country, argued that the audio message the product of propaganda, among other claims.

He said, “That the audio message does not represent the truth as our President does not only have voice impairment, he has been on life-support since June 6, 2017, at a West-End, London Hospital.”

The governor also claimed that the wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari, was not allowed to see him during her last visit to the UK.

“Only three Nigerians who are of the President’s cabal are allowed access to the President. I will keep their identities for now,” he said.

“Anyone with a contrary claim should produce the President to Nigerians within the next 48 hours. It is obvious that Nigeria is drifting like the last days of the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s government. Nigerians will recall that I warned against electing President Buhari on the account of his age, health and mental capacity.”
Governor Fayose, who said there were clandestine attempts on his life and government, said he remained undaunted and committed to truth and fearlessness even in the face of intimidation.

He, however, said the federal government should be held responsible if anything happens to him in the course of tackling the presidency.